Dear Mr. Johnson, Please see below my recommendation for your pest control service. Let me know if you need anything more.
Becky Cartychildren playing

Montessori schools strive to teach children to live harmoniously with the earth by reducing waste, composting, and say no to pesticidesconserving energy. I’m happy that we can now add pest control  to the list of environmentally  responsible examples we pass on to the children. Ivy League Montessori School in Cumming hired Nature’s Miracles & Solutions 100% All Natural Pest Control in June 2013 to supply our pest control needs because they use all natural, nontoxic products that can be used safely in our classroom environments. healthy child environment

I admit that I was skeptical that the products would work, especially during the wettest summer I can remember. Our school is housed in an older building that often has ants and other pests. I am happy to report that we have started the school year with no pest  problems at all. In the past, we often had to call our other pest control company to come treat the school in between their regularly scheduled visits. The buildings then had to be closed for 24 hours after treatment. Now the only indication that our buildings have been treated is a wonderful odor. These products work!I love mother earth
Becky Carty, Director Ivy League Montessori School DONT POISION US